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boge pro gas shocks and non-stock suspension settings for v8q

after 4+ months of waiting, i decided to bag it with RD with regards 
to my order of boge pro gas shocks.  they could not even deliver a 
set of turbo gas after i downgraded the order in the interests of

anyway, this particular story has a somewhat happy ending, as i cancelled
the order and called around looking for a place that actually *keeps*
stock.  new dimensions had them and initially wanted $91 each, way more
than the undeliverable $64 from RD.  after a little bit of talking, i
got the price down to $70 each + $9 shipping.  new dimensions were really
nice and pleasant to deal with.  2 days later they arrived and i now
have a set of boge pro gas shocks for the v8.

now as many of you know, the v8 carries over 400 pounds of hardware
in front of the front wheels, not exactly the receipe for razor
sharp turn in responses.  i am now concerned that with stiffer
front shocks i have increased the propensity for understeer.

as part of the installation, i will have to have a 4 wheel alignment 
performed so i figured that this would be a good opportunity to 
experiment with a mildly different setup.

does anybody here (especially you racers) have any general rule of thumb
suggestions?  i am not looking for a radical racing setup, just a few mild
tweaks to sharpen the front as well as to complement the stiffer shocks. i
was thinking of perhaps adding one degree of additional negative camber.  i
also run 45 pounds of pressure on the front wheels typically. 

i have no intentions of any further tweaks beyond this, so i'd like to stay
very conservative wrt stock. 

thanks in advance