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Fuel filter intervals on Audi 4000

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows the recommended maintenence interval
for the fuel filter element on a 4000s with CIS-E injection. When
I asked a dealer several years ago I was told it was a "lifetime"
element, others have said change it every 30k miles. I have been
doing it every 30-50K, what to others do on their 4000 or 5000?

BTW, I just got done with this job and it was a bitch this time.
Installed two differnt filters and they both had defects in them.
First was a Hastings filer (made in Germany) that has what I would
consider a design defect ( e-mail if you really want details on it)
and second was a Bosch (made in Spain) which had a manufacturing defect. 
The third time with a new Bosch filter was the charm. I
recommend Bosch over the Hastings filter and surprisingly it was
cheaper (~$24). Just an opinion