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Re: Bleeding the clutch/brake fluid

>There have been a few inquiries about how best to bleed the brake/clutch
>systems in Audis and BMWs. 

much useful info re. clutch slave cyl deleted

>The problem still persisted.  Bently does recommend using pressure
>bleeding.  None of the mechanics around here (central NJ) had the device.
>I paid a reputable shop about $50.00 to change the fluid - they just bled
>it using the same two-person technique. Finally, I called this advertiser
>in ROUNDEL about his one-man bleeding tool call ezie-bleed (sp?) - $33.00
>shipping included.  This system consists of a tube that attaches to an air
>source (e.g. spare tire, < 20 psi) a jar that holds about 2 pints of brake
>fluid and a cap that attaches to your brake/clutch fluid reservoir.  Fill
>the jar, put the cap on and attach to the air hose, start with the clutch
>slave and then do the brakes.  Took about 30 minutes to do the whole job
>and haven't had a problem with the clutch since.  I used a clear plastic
>jar to collect the fluid coming out - when the color changed, it was time
>to move onto the next side.

Its always a good time to buy more tools.  But, seriously, you don't need
any special tools to bleed the clutch circuit on a 5000, just a special
technique.  It even worked fine when I replaced the clutch master (i.e.,
when the top half of the circuit was  completely drained). Here's what  you do:

1. Keep the reservoir topped up. 
2. Attach a clear hose (cheap stuff) to the bleed port on the slave cylinder
and put the other end in a jar that is higher than the reservoir.  You can
rest it on the cowl.  You need about an inch of fluid in the jar.
3. Open the bleed port and pump the pedal very slowly (~10 sec per stroke
and return).  After a little while, the hose should fill with fluid.
Continue until no more bubbles float up the hose.

Total time should be 5-20 minutes.

Jason Douglas

If you get desperate or want to get crazy, try to fill the clear hose before
bleeding.  You might even want to fill the fat hose from the reservoir to
the master cylinder (using a clean funnel?).