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Re: Bleeding the clutch/brake fluid

shams@hodcs.ho.att.com writes > 

> in ROUNDEL about his one-man bleeding tool call ezie-bleed (sp?) - $33.00
> shipping included.  

Yup.  It is British.  I never could get a solid pedal on my Midget until I
used this device.  Sure, you could rig up the same thing cheaper, but it
is one heck of a lot simpler to buy the package.  $33.00 compares
favorably with the British-car suppliers.

> This system consists of a tube that attaches to an air
> source (e.g. spare tire, < 20 psi) 

10 psi is enough to do the job.

a jar that holds about 2 pints of brake
> fluid and a cap that attaches to your brake/clutch fluid reservoir.  Fill
> the jar, put the cap on and attach to the air hose, 

Test the system for leaks dry first, then depressurize and put fluid in
the bottle.  Remember that brake fluid eats paint for breakfast.

> start with the clutch
> slave and then do the brakes.  Took about 30 minutes to do the whole job
> and haven't had a problem with the clutch since.  I used a clear plastic
> jar to collect the fluid coming out - when the color changed, it was time
> to move onto the next side.

Piece of cake for one person to do the job.

> I bought the thing from Auto Experts Products, Co. in FL 1-800-795-6958 with
> the usual disclaimers that I am not in any way affiliated with them.  I think
> a husband and wife team run the business out of their home.  You will get a
> whole bunch of different caps that can be used to do other makes of cars as
> well.

If there is not a cap that fits, get a spare cap from the junkyard and drill