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Re: Flooded 4000Q! What gives?

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  I've encountered a similar problem starting the '85 ur at extremely low
  temperatures (<0F). Usually the engine is "flooded". I just disconnect
  the wiring from the cold-start injector when this happens and she will
  start fine after a little cranking to flush out all that extre fuel.


  ========== On Wed, 30 Nov 1994 - quattro-owner wrote: ==========

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>I just went out to my car to go to lunch today, and my 4000q would not
start! >The car would turn over all day, but no firing from the motor.
Acting on a >hunch, I pulled out fuse #13 (fuel pump) and cranked over the
car.  After about >5-6 revolutions, the car sputtered to life, along with a
nice cloud of unburned >gas, and then died again.

>I put the fuse back in, and the car runs fine again...

Sorry for not responding earlier. Did you find anything?
The only way your engine could get flooded is by the cold start valve.
That valve should be open only for about 1 or 2 sec at starting, anything
more would flood the engine. The valve is controlled by the
or at least it was controlled on the lesser VWs. That bimetal switch is
at the cooling water outlet, on the head.

Good luck, Peter

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