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Re: 5000tq computer chipping

--------------------------- Begin X.400 Bodypart 1 --------------------------
  Additional modifications *ARE* required, modification of the
  wastegate/new spring, raising the boost pressure. I recommend the IA mod
  based on personal experience and the reputation and expertise of Ned
  Ritchie, the designer of the IA mod. Intake/exhaust changes are not
  required for the additional ~60 HP due to the over-engineering and
  production de-tuning of the engine by Audi.


  ========== On Wed, 30 Nov 1994 - quattro-owner wrote: ==========

--------------------------- Begin X.400 Bodypart 2 --------------------------
I'm looking for information on chipping my '87 5000tq. I have talked to
t.a.p., intended accerlation, and superchips.  They all claim that there
product produces about the same amount of horsepower (60-65bhp) with no
other modification. I find this hard to believe, I would think that both
the intake and exhaust would have to be modified. Does anyone have any
information. on chipping  or other performance upgrades that will work on a
5000tq ?


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