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Re: Two problems

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  The electrics were much improved by '85, new fusebox & location, much
  better reliability, etc.


  ========== On Thurs, 1 Dec 1994 - quattro-owner wrote: ==========

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>> If it's overboost shutoff, just "backing off slightly" on the throttle
>> should keep running; if you hold the throttle down and it cuts out
momen- >> tarily, cuts in and runs for a second or two, repeats then it
sure sounds >> like the overboost circuit cutting in.
>Those ARE the symptoms.

Might want to also check your fuel pressure.  I had these exact same
symptoms in my '83 UrQ, and it turned out to be a bad connection
to the fuel pump was causing a retarded current flow to it, thus
limiting fuel pressure.  Did they improve the electrics much by '88?
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                                                    Dan Bocek

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