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Re: hydrolic fluid leak

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  Check your owner's manual! Being a 4000Q derivative, I believe the proper
  power steering fluid is
  in fact Dexron ATF, but check that manual to be sure! (5000s use


  ========== On Fri, 2 Dec 1994 - quattro-owner wrote: ==========

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Hello all:
Car is '86 quantum fwd 5-2.2L.
I have been having a slow leak at the banjo connection near the power
streeing/power brakes pump, at the point where the hose from the
reservoir connects to the pump.  I have been running Pnzoil ATF (I know,
I know, I just didn't know better at the time), which I have been adding
to the resevoir about once a month.  The leak is really slow, I have now
used 1 quart in 34 months.
I have not been able to find any more Penzoil ATF (dexron II compatible).
I have also ordered Pentosin from PAP, but the fluid level is now below
the min. mark, at approximately 1/2 the reservoir.  I will not be able to
replace the return line for 2-3 weeks (other commitments).

1.  Should I drive the car the way it is for 2 weeks (brakes and streeing
feel normal)?  Or, should I add some other ATF, or Pentosin, to the
existing fluid?  I don't know what fluids are compatible.

2.  Any advise on replacement of the return hose?  Dealer wanted
$98.00+tax(!),junk yard wanted $25.  What shims/locking nuts do
I need to seal the new (or new for me) connection?



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