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Re: hydrolic fluid leak

> Car is '86 quantum fwd 5-2.2L.
> I have been having a slow leak at the banjo connection near the power
> streeing/power brakes pump, at the point where the hose from the
> reservoir connects to the pump.  I have been running Pnzoil ATF (I know,
> I know, I just didn't know better at the time), which I have been adding
> to the resevoir about once a month.  The leak is really slow, I have now used
> 1 quart in 34 months.
> I have not been able to find any more Penzoil ATF (dexron II compatible).
> I have also ordered Pentosin from PAP, but the fluid level is now below
> the min. mark, at approximately 1/2 the reservoir.  I will not be able to
> replace the return line for 2-3 weeks (other commitments).
> 1.  Should I drive the car the way it is for 2 weeks (brakes and streeing
> feel normal)?  Or, should I add some other ATF, or Pentosin, to the existing
> fluid?  I don't know what fluids are compatible.

Before you add any fluid, check to see what the specified fluid is. It
should be written on the reservoir cap and also in the owners manual. Don't
presume your car uses Pentosin. Some Audi 4000s used ATF; I know the '84 4000
does. Since the quantum is based pretty much on the 4000, ATF may be the
specified fluid. Definitely don't mix Pentosin into ATF. If ATF is the
specified fluid, it is okay to use any other brand name ATF as long as it
is Dexron II or Dexron III; it doesn't have to be Pennzoil brand.

It should be okay to drive your car for a couple of weeks until you
fix the leak as long as you keep the fluid level above the minimum mark.

BTW, the recent discussions about Pentosin and hydraulic pumps have
been with respect to the 5000 series.

Zafer Mehmood				   AT&T Bell Laboratories
zm@mhcnet.att.com			   Murray Hill, NJ