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Re: hydrolic fluid leak

Hi Zvi,

>Car is '86 quantum fwd 5-2.2L.
>I have been having a slow leak at the banjo connection near the >power
>streeing/power brakes pump, at the point where the hose from the
>reservoir connects to the pump.

Question: Is the leak in the hose, or where it attaches to
the pump.

If its the hose => new hose, go for the junkyard one.

If its the junction, this one should be easy to fix, the
joint is almost at atmospheric pressure. Get new copper
washers, clean up the area on the pump where the banjo
goes, as well as on both sides of the banjo connector
itself, and tighten to 20 -30 lb-ft.
If it looks that you have pitting on the surfaces, try and
carefully ( please don't let ANY GRIT get into the hydraulic
system ) sand ( 660 grit emory cloth ) the surfaces clean.

Note: I've described the case for a '86 5k, yours may be 

Finally, get the ATF out as soon as you can. There are
seals all over just waiting to leak. Use Pentosin 7.1

Alan Cordeiro