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Re: battr

> ...
> >Can anyone point me to a
> >non-Audi (non-dealer) OEM-style battery with the built-in vent?  Or
> >will I have to bite the bullet and get the obscenely-priced battery
> >from the dealer?
> ...
> I have the full size Autobahn batteries in my cars (VW, Audi, Renault).

Interstate offers high quality vented batteries (OEM-style), that work
for Audis and BMWs.  I checked into one for my BMW a year ago and the
pricing was ~$80 less than the OEM Varta (US built!!!). 

Also, Autobahn is how VAG parts are marketed (like Mopar, Delco, etc).
Does anyone know who the OEM is for these batteries?