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Re: more on batteries

> those engines which feature engine-off radiator fan-on cooling is
> going to be harder on batteries than those who don't.  my corrado g60

Hmm, last weekend we took our 93 90CS to the "mountains", and due to
the slow driving conditions (following father in law) and frequent
stops the radiator fan ran after we got to our destination.  The
car sat for two days and it was ~20 degrees the next time we started
it.  Basically, it cranked very slow (synthetic in crankcase).  I was 
a little concerned, but it started easily thereafter.  This was the first
time in the 1.3 years that it has done this and that it had been exposed
to these conditions. 

My benchmark is my almost 6 year old BMW with original vented, mounted
in trunk battery going strong after 80K miles.  BTW, does Audi use Varta
as their OEM batteries?  If so do they offer the US made Varta at the 
dealership like they do for BMW?


Daniel Adams