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Electric problem on 5000. Help needed ...

Hi fellow Audi Enthusiasts,
   I am in need of a good luck charm. What do you use ? 
Will Linda@carlsen give me a good price ?

ok, now seriously:
Two nights ago I parked for about 10 minutes waiting. The car was fine
before. When I cranked the engine to go, I heard a tick-tick-tick noise
from the fuse box. It turned out that it was relay #6 (Cooling fan, low),
which I removed. Unfortunately it was too late for my battery and someone
jumpstarted me. Drove home without the relay.
Next morning I bought a new one. The night the same story happened.
This time I was quick to pull it out again, but the battery died again.
Jumpstart etc etc...
Now what's my problem ?
Obviously it is not the relay. The sound it does is like going on and off
many times a second.

Other details (maybe useless).
I am the one who started the "One valve down thread" some time ago.
My belt broke and a valve was bent, the two were not related though.
After I got the car fixed, I think that it is heating up faster (not overheating
When my fan is on I noticed on the diagnostics that my battery is drained 
really quick. When I turn the engine off, I have 12.something V,then the
fan kicks in to cool it. After the fan is off it drops down to 11.1 or 2. 
Don't you think this is a lot ?

I welcome suggestions, prays and voodoo spells.