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Re: Electric problem on 5000. Help needed ...

>I'd say weak ("dead") battery. You should have 12.xx V until way way later.
>Of course that is 12.xx volts at the battery; if you are measuring the
>electrical system itself, all bets are off. (I think the offhand battery
>test method is run/charge the battery; shut off engine/charger; run high-
>beams for 30-seconds to minute, then measure voltage, should be 12.4 or
>greater ?? not real sure of the decimal, but well over 12.0!). You should
>also have 14+ volts while running (otherwise battery won't properly charge).
>Over 15-16 volts and you run danger of burning out things.

You are probably right on the money Robert. My battery never goes
over 14V, 13.8-13.9 is the maximum when the car is running.
I changed the battery when I got the car, August, so I must
have a short somewhere.
Is there an easy way to locate it, or should I go around digging ?

>The clicking is obviously the system switching on, starter/load drops
>voltage, relays release, voltage rises, load increases, voltage drops,
>relays release, ... usually it's the starter/solenoid you hear, going
>CLICK CLICK CLICK, with the click click of mere relays lost in the noise...
>					-RDH
Yes, it makes sence. Now if I could return the relay to the dealer...
Thanks for the replies (and the suggested spell),