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Re: Electric problem on 5000. Help needed ...

Hi again guys,
I went to my friendly parts place where I had my charging system and
battery checked.
They said that the battery was bad and cheerfully replaced it free, giving me
another year warranty.
Unfortunately, since they decided they are going to give me a free battery
they threw the test away. (not to be found again !!!).
>From a glance I gave it before they throw it I saw :
Peak current 50.5 A
(something) Voltage 16.7 V
diode pattern ok.
The guy there assured me that the only way for a battery to turn bad,
is because of a faulty charging system, therefore I should be fine now.
I have heard otherwise and
I don't trust someone who writes on the repair order "AUDIE".
The previous owner had changed the battery somewhere in Spring,
and I had to change it again mid August.
Am I right to be suspicious ?
Do you think that I should still search for shorts ? (by the way thanks for the
long discription Robert).
Is it possible that the car self-destructs since the voltage on the alternator is 
high ? (someone said it shouldn't be more than 16V).

Thanks again,
(That's a  5000 CS Turbo '86 with low self esteem).