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Re: ABS 'bugs'

David Robbins writes > 

> As a side note, part-time four wheel drive functions completely different
> than full-time AWD systems.

Part-time four wheel drive functions, (in 4WD mode) the same as my AWD
Quantum Syncro when I have the center diff locked.

>  With the former, the wheels are locked in sync (side-to-side).  

Huh?  You are implying that both front and rear axles are "Locked
differential" or a "Spool".  Not true.  They generally have open diffs or
clutch-pack (Positraction-style) limited-slip differentials.

With part-time four wheel drive in 4WD mode, the axles are held in sync
"front and rear".  

With the rear diff locked, my Syncro's rear wheels are locked in sync