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Re: '75 AWD Blazer

glen writes >
>   Ths suspension setup on this pig? PRIMITIVE! Solid axles with leaf
>   springs, circa 1800s covered wagons. Oversteer? Understeer? You gottah be
>   kidding! This is a PLOW TRUCK!

Certainly.  Although plowing snow with the automatic is a pain.  You need
to be in low range for the power, but then reverse is s-l-o-w.  With the
amount of backing up you do in small lots and driveways, this is a major
annoyance.  If you are going to plow snow, get a manual 4-speed with a
granny-gear first, and plow in high range.

>   My guess is that it does have some type of center diff, but that's pretty
>   advanced stuff for an old beast like this. 

The full-time 4WD Chev truck has a center differential.  Absolutely.  The
center diff is locked in the "locked" positions of the range selector lever.

>   Oh, "neutral" on the transfer case is just for
>   power-take-off attachements, etc, no drive to either axle.....

Quite so.