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Re: '75 AWD Blazer

  Ths suspension setup on this pig? PRIMITIVE! Solid axles with leaf
  springs, circa 1800s covered wagons. Oversteer? Understeer? You gottah be
  kidding! This is a PLOW TRUCK!
  Seriously, thanks for the info Eliot. I'm really trying to find out exact
  details on this beast.
  My guess is that it does have some type of center diff, but that's pretty
  advanced stuff
  for an old beast like this. Perhaps I'll have to spring for a
  "Children's" manual or a Haynes
  to get the real poop, unles anyone else here can supply the nasty
  details..... Oh, "neutral" on the transfer case is just for
  power-take-off attachements, etc, no drive to either axle.....