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Re: '75 AWD Blazer

On 13 Dec 1994 glen.powell@smc.com wrote:

>   Ths suspension setup on this pig? PRIMITIVE! Solid axles with leaf
>   springs, circa 1800s covered wagons. Oversteer? Understeer? You gottah be
>   kidding! This is a PLOW TRUCK!

well, i'll guess that you probably did not sink much money to acquire
the beast and that you're probably using it for things that it will
do well in such as towing your race cars... :)

imagine then, that the fasionable thing to do today is to buy one of
these things for audi quattro money for use in challenging travel such
as supermarket expeditions.  after all it would not hurt them much if
one is half drunk and plows over some of the supermarket's parking lot
decorative vegetation.... or a couple of parking curbs.... 


the assistant parts mgr at the dealer here (who always gives me good
prices) just sold his G60 corrado for an SUV... apparently he needed
something big enough to store transport his golf clubs.... yup, this
thing was bought to take him to work from home 4 miles away and to the
golf course on the weekends..  all paved asphalt.. no, he didn't say
that he would drive the thing *on* the golf course...