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Blower motor extraction

I decided to take the blower motor out of my 1990 200T and am
now totally perplexed!  The bentley manual is no help at all.
My car is in a sad state and I still have no clue as to how to
get that blower out of the car.  I have followed the manual 
and have removed the wiper motor, retaining band, the interior
center console and cannot see where there is anything else
holding the blower assy in.  The book instructions are as 
remove water box cover
remove windshield wiper assy.
remove center console
remove radiator cap
clamp off heater hoses
remove retaining band
remove all retainers between body and heater
remove heater box

I guess the problem is that I cannot see any retainers at all
and there is also an ilustration of some type of tool to 
pull the heater box from the car.  Does anyone have an idea
what I am missing?


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