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Re: Burning question!

<I will probably take it to the shop as it is $120 to check and replace
      Make sure they know what they're doing.  If yours indeed has the three
 wire sensor, the price is pretty cheap.  If it's not the three wire that
sounds kind of expensive.  I am almost positive that the layout on your 85
is the same as on my 87.  All that is required to replace it is a large
metric wrench (I forget what size) or a crescent/pipe wrench.  The sensor is
 located in the downpipe (between the engine and the cat. converter).  It is
merely threaded into the pipe.  the wiring harness runs up to the top of the
engine, I think to the distributer or somewhere near it.  It has a snap-on
connector and just unplugs.  It took me about 15 minutes to do the job.  You
will have to jack up the car to get to it though.  It's your choice.  I have
done things in a gravel driveway that would make most people run away
 screaming for mercy.
                           If you need more info, let me know,
                                 ---Bob   87 4000S, 4-cyl