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Re: '90 Coupe Quattro stereo

<noise through speakers that matches engine speed
   It is probably alternator noise.  I am not sure what this would mean in a
 factory radio, but I had the same problem in my 87 4000S when I first
 installed an aftermarket amplifier and speakers.  In my case, I had the amp
hooked up wrong and the grounds were not correct. (no good ground)  After one
 phone call to the shop where I purchased it, the problem was fixed.  Never had
 any problems after that.  Something to note:  I ran the line-level wires from
the factory stereo to the amp.  When I consulted a friend who was an expert
concerning stereos, he said that I could never get rid of the noise and to just
 live with it.
      The moral of the story: if there is a problem, don't take no for an
answer.  If it wasn't there and now it is, there is something wrong.