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RE: Quattro Digest V1 #380

<What is a leakdown test?
     To the best of my knowledge, a leakdown test is a test that gives you
more accurate information about cylinder/piston/ring sealing that a compression
 test.  I believe it involves pressurizing the engine, one cylinder at a time
 with an air hose.(compressor)  A guage is attached to the hose.  The specs are
in the format:  if the cylinder holds  ---psi for ---minutes, then the engine
is good.  If the pressure bleeds off sooner than the specifications, the seal
around the cylinders is not effective.(the rings/pistons are worn out)  I am
pretty sure that this is the correct procedure, but as always, I am open to
any criticism concerning my info.  If I'm not right,  tell me!!
                               87 Audi 4000S, 4-cyl