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Re: FAQ so far...

Its great to see the FAQ taking shape.

While on the subject of the Powertrain,
may i add a dissenting note. I have 
much less faith in the 3-spd auto transmissions
than the 5-spd manuals. The seal between the
transmission housing and the final drive tend
to disintegrate leading to the two fluids
mixing together......also, this costs a 
reasonable amount to fix.

In fact, if i'm not mistaken, Audi had a recall
of sorts on the auto transmission. My 5000S 
(which was owned by my friend before me) had
catastrophic transmission failure and my
friend had a used tranny put in ..... he later
saw an Audi ad recalling transmissions, and called
them up - they completely reimbursed him for the 
cost of the repairs.....however, the used tranny
still exists in the car and has been acting up