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Re: FAQ...xmission recall.

> What model and year series does the recall cover?
> I have have my trans in for repair (2) times already.
> Once for catastrophic rebuild (approx $800.00) two years ago and
> torque conv./seal replacement ($530.00) just last week.
> Pat Roberson >> email huntdb@mentor.cc.purdue.edu

I'm not sure, Pat. But my 1985 5000S certainly
had a recall on it - else Audi wouldnt have reimbursed 
my friend after he had already put a used (sob :-(  )
tranny in.

My mechanic has told me many times that he has seen
a lot of Audi (auto tranny only) with problems with
the trans. seals (back-to-back seals) - i guess these
are the same seals separating the tranny housing from
the final drive unit.

anyone else knows something more about this ?