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Re: (repost) MSW alloys + Pirelli snows (fwd)

I forgot to include specs.  Sigh.  I'll copy the list too.

They are for the Audi cars with 4-108mm with 45mm offset, 6Jx14.
That includes 4000/80/90 series and maybe the 5000/100.
I doubt they will fit a Quantum Syncro.  For that car I 
would recommend a 13" steel rim  - Tire Rack has a package for around
$350 or so, or you can go 14" for a bit more.

I forgot price too: I'm looking for $100 each plus shipping.
Note - that includes the snows, already mounted and balanced.
Remember, these are alloys.  Tire Rack wants almost $400 just
for used steel rims and snows.

| Dan |
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