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Blower woes

I had a question regarding the blower motor failures that have been 
discussed here at length.  Is it generally accepted that the brushes 
simply wear out from use, or are there other effects that hasten the 
deterioration?  I am about to embark on the blower replacement on my 
'88 5K, and one thing that I have noticed is that the A/C-heater does 
not seem to dry out very well.  When I change from Auto or Defrost 
modes to Econ (i.e. not using the A/C compressor) I find that there 
seems to be a reasonable amount of humidity in the air coming out the 
vents, even if the car has been parked for some time since the A/C was 
used.  Do the drain lines get plugged?

I guess I'll find out more about the issue on my car at Christmas!

Steve Buchholz