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Re: Blower/air conditioning woes

> I had a question regarding the blower motor failures that have been 
> discussed here at length.  Is it generally accepted that the brushes 
> simply wear out from use, or are there other effects that hasten the 
> deterioration?  I am about to embark on the blower replacement on my 
> '88 5K, and one thing that I have noticed is that the A/C-heater does 
> not seem to dry out very well.

Look for plugged drains from the air conditioner's evap unit, that is the 
cooling apparatus near the back part of the engine compartment under the 
plastic cover.

During my heater motor renewal 10 days ago, all I saw was worn brushes. 
The commutator, bearings etc. looked fine.

I had a Saab heater motor sometime ago with the commutator that was shot.

Dennis [Minnesota/Empire Builder Route]