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Re: FAQ so far... -Reply

On Dec 14,  4:10pm, James N Gagliardi wrote:
> Subject: Re: FAQ so far... -Reply
> Eliot Lim says...
> >the battery in my 1990 V8 is still the original and shows no signs
> >of fading.. 4 yrs, 75K.. voltage reading of 13.8 volts with engine
> >running.  it is as big as a diesel battery... :)
> Hmm, the only thing better than a battery which is "as big as" a diesel
> battery...is a diesel battery.  I left my parking lights on all day once
> and it started right up.
>  '81 Audi 5000 Diesel (No unintended acceleration problems here)
>-- End of excerpt from James N Gagliardi

	Talking about diesels, though they need a serious battery and
	an even more serious starter motor, they usually seem to take
	very little cranking to get them going (if they're in good condition
	that is).  I used to work at this earthmoving equipment manufacturing
	company back in India, and I distinctly remember this *absolute*
	rust heap of a bulldozer which had been sitting out in the yard
	for god knows how long: they pushed it all of five feet and it
	cranked right up, billowing clouds of black smoke.

	I had a turbodiesel Volvo 740 myself, and I really liked it.
	Should've kept it: I thought VW (yes, it had a VW in-line 6) diesel
	parts were expensive, but I didn't know about VW/Audi gasoline
	engine parts back then!

	And them diesels don't need no spark plugs ... :-)