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Re: Fuel Injectors

> Well, I came home from school to Vermont today and decided to try to
> start my audi('81 Audi 5000 Diesel).  Even with only one functioning
> glow plug, it started after some cranking.  It was about 15-20 degrees. 
> Anticipating much colder weather in the month that I am home, I bought 4
> glow plugs.  I replaced three of them(the fifth one is underneath the
> injector pump, and I saw no way to get it out).  To make a long story
> short, my car starts much better now, but I somehow managed to screw up
> a fuel injector.  I think that it is leaking either out of the union
> between the high pressure fuel line and the injector, or out of the side
> of the injector(looks like unjector unscrews into two pieces?).  Does
> anyone know how tight I can tighten those connections to try and stop
> the leak?  Any other suggestions?  I'm sure most of you haven't ever
> owned a diesel audi, but someone must have owned a diesel rabbit at some
> point.

	I had a turbo-diesel Volvo, and I still happen to have the shop
	manual for the engine (which is a VW inline 6, by the way). According
	to this manual, the injector-fuel-line union can be tightened to
	25 Nm (18 ft-lbs) and  the injector itself should be tightened to
	70 Nm (50 ft-lbs).

	If the injectors on your engine are anything like the ones on this
	picture I'm looking at, it is indeed in two pieces, though it shouldn't
	leak unless it's somehow damaged.  Also, these illustrations show
	a heat-shield at the tip of the injector which must be placed only
	one way and not the other.  I suppose it's possible that the injector
	would leak if the shield (which looks like a washer) was inverted.

	Hope that helps, and good-luck.