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Re: Fuel Injectors

>tighten diesel injectors


The only critical torque for those injectors is for the body of the
injector into the head which should be 53 ft lb I think.  If you get it too
tight the head rips open & then you're bumming.

The injector halves have a torque (66 i think) but they generally leak
unless you increase that figure quite a bit.  The line connection will leak
regardless if the double flare is worn.  The most common leak is the return
hose (3.5 mm flexible hose) which should be yellow striped if you want
longevity, or the end plug for the return hoses on the last injector.

I love Vt, used to have a cottage in Tinmouth, one of my neighbors (Stewart
was his last name) had a daughter that taught school in Lyndonville...When
my oldest boy got his license, the first 'big' trip he took with his
friends was to Mecca (aka Vermont).  I miss it!!!!

good luck!  ned bennett