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re: Audis vs Batteries..key off fan

>Is this normal behavior?


With the key off, the only thing I'm aware of that prompts the fan is the
after run circuit.  On the 10 valves the signal to run comes from a sensor
attached by the valve cover which monitors under hood temps & the 20 valve
should be similar.  After running the engine in the yard for a while, the
fan coming on with the key off would be normal behavior because under hood
temps would be high.

The temp guage problem sounds like they're using the same marginal sending
unit that's failed regularly since '84.  I mean why would VAG improve a
$1.00 item that's good for about $70.00 gross profit??  It would be like a
cat losing it's mystique by coming when you call it (like a MERE dog).
Just think of it!

Anyway, the temp sender s/b a 4 prong unit near the top radiator hose
connection on the engine.  Wouldn't bother trying to fix the old one, it's
over the hill.

Gotta go.  I feel the hot breath of the hounds of Siberia on my heels!!!
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