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90Q wheels & tires

re: Speedline sheels on 90Q 4-dr

My 1991 90Q 20V came with dealer-optional "couope" wheels,
7J x 15", the ones you refer to.

The proper sizes for the '91 / 90Q are:


Other sizes will work well with a circumfrance difference
of +/- 6% or so (eg: 195/55-15, +6%).

The 215/60-15 is WAY too big.  Changes gearing, clearance,
and, due to 60-series aspect, reduces steering response.
Not a good thing.  Do you realize how fast you are going
relatiuve to your speedo reading?

note: later 90s are shod with 195/60-15s, and the gearing
and speedos are changed accordingly.