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Re: FAQ so far

Nice start on these!  One correction:
  > 2.4 Model summary 
  > Audi V8
  > Four-door saloon, with V8 angine, 4-sp automatic gearbox, and Quattro AWD 
  > system. Introduced in 1990 with 3.6 litre engine, upgraded to 4.2 litres in 
  > 1991. (1991 version also offers optional manual transmission.) 
In the US, at least, the 1991 models had the 3.6 liter engine.  The 4.2
upgrade came in the 1992 model year.  Also, 1991 was the ONLY year the
5-speed manual was offered, and only 75 of them were imported to the US.
dave bauer    dlb@longs.att.com        91 V8Q 5-speed