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Re: Strange idle (80Q)

In message <199412161344.IAA14146@lombard.MOTOWN.GE.COM> John Greenstreet writes:
> > From: conrad@lcc.stonehill.edu (Claudia Conrad)
> > 
> > To use technical language, instead of going hummmmmmmmmmmm, it is going
> > vrm,vrm,vrm,vrm,vrm,vrm.
> > 
> That sounds like the classic idle stabiliser problem to me.  It could
> also be caused by a vacuum leak, but then there would also be
> driveability problems.
> IMHO, that's a problem for a dealer to tackle; they at least have the
> necessary equipment for diagnosis.

I had this one once after a service.  The dealer had looped out the idle 
stabiliser (Audispeak: DIS unit) to make some tests, and had forgotten to put 
it back into circuit.
On my 80CD, it's under the bonnet but on the other sied of the firewall from 
the engine.  It's a square box about 3" square (from memory - it's raining) 
with two pretty robust 3/4" diameter connectors.  It's taken out of circuit by 
the simple expedient of pulling the connectors out and plugging them into each 
other.  So check to see if you have a lonely plastic box with two empty 
receptacles, with two likely-looking connectors mated a few inches away.
Your symptoms are indeed those of a dead or AWOL "Digital Idle Stabiliser".

Phil Payne
Sievers Consulting UK
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