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Re: A question of lineage...

In message <941214210137_6268811@aol.com> GCIRILLO@aol.com writes:
>  It came (to me) with a set of alloys made for Audi by Speedline (2-piece
> look with lots of hex-head bolts around the perimeter).  I have only seen
> these wheels on the coupe, never on the 4-door, although in one "Used Car
> Price Guide" they had a picture of the 4-door with these wheels!?

My INSTANT REACTION on seeing slightly unusual wheels on an Audi is to get the 
wheel bolt lengths checked for the combination.

Before driving it.  So far, 4 out of 5 have been wrong - 3 too short and 1 too 
long.  I even had locking bolts fitted at a UK dealership that a German 
dealership instantly complained about - they were 2mm too short.

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