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Re: A question of lineage...

Phil writes:
> In message <941214210137_6268811@aol.com> GCIRILLO@aol.com writes:
> > 
> >  It came (to me) with a set of alloys made for Audi by Speedline (2-piece
> > look with lots of hex-head bolts around the perimeter).  I have only seen
> > these wheels on the coupe, never on the 4-door, although in one "Used Car
> > Price Guide" they had a picture of the 4-door with these wheels!?
> My INSTANT REACTION on seeing slightly unusual wheels on an Audi is to get
> the wheel bolt lengths checked for the combination.
No worries.
These wheels (15x7)  were the standard wheels for 1990-1991 Coupe Quattro 
and 90 20-valve. The standard tyre for the Coupe on these wheels is
205/60VR15, for the 90 I thought it was the same but it may have
been 205/50VR15. Note that many New England dealers only provided 15x6.5
wheels on the 90 20-valve with 195/65HR15 "all-weather" tyres, so I
guess GCIRILLO lucked out in being in a different neck of the woods and
getting the good wheels!

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