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Audis vs Batteries

   The newer turbo-motors do run the radiator fan for an extended period 
   after turning off the car.  This seems to be pretty much independent of 
   the temperature on my '88 5000CSQ.  The cooling fan is run at low speed 
   and the auxiliary water pump is run simultaneously.  All this is done 
   to ensure that the temperature of the turbo bearings does not get too 
   high.  So far I haven't noticed any problems with the cranking rate even 
   with the long battery cable.  My '83 ur-Q actually seems to have more of 
   a problem in that department.

Yeah, tell me about it!

                                  On the '83 the only fan that can run when 
   everything is shut down is the blower that cools the injectors.

On mine, the radiator runs on "low" (of 3) speeds with the key off, a
fairly mellow breeze-inducing speed. With the key/ignition on, a relay
bypasses the "low" speed dropping resistor, yielding "medium" speed,
still controlled by the radiator-mounted thermo-switch. A separate feed
wire to the radiator fan motor provides "high" speed via a relay acti-
vated by either the overtemp sensor or the A/C circuitry, and fed/fused
by the separate AC/Fresh-air-fan fuse in the glovebox, which, true to Audi
tradition, has a tendency to melt down . . . (I've rewired mine to run
off the main #15 radiator fuse in the fuse block, which in turn is re-
wired with a dedicated 10Ga directly tied to the battery)