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Re: Audis vs Batteries

Hairy green toads from Mars made Robert D. Houk say:

> On mine, the radiator runs on "low" (of 3) speeds with the key off, a
> fairly mellow breeze-inducing speed. With the key/ignition on, a relay
> bypasses the "low" speed dropping resistor, yielding "medium" speed,
> still controlled by the radiator-mounted thermo-switch.

Hmmm. This brings up something I was tinkering with last week
on Angela's 1990 20V 90Q. Trying to look at a problem with the
temperature guage, I let the car run a while to get hot.

After a few minutes, the fan had not come on, so I turned the
car off. As soon as I did, the fan came on low. When I turned
the key back on, the fan turned off.

Is this normal behavior?

As a related question (related to the original problem I was
looking at), where is the connection for the temp guage?
Her car either reads normal temp, or dead zero. Sometimes
hitting a bump causes it to change state. I assume it's a
loose connetion somewhere.


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