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It's better when it's cold outside ...

Not THAT cold, by North American standards.  It's around freezing outside, and 
the ur-quattro is behaving itself again.  I just did a ten mile round trip, and 
the car was warm enough for one quick run on the way back.
I ran up a slight hill on full throttle at around 75-85mph.  The engine was 
gently but quite preceptibly surging - I suppose as the computer switched the 
"Electroumschaltventil" on and off to control the boost via the back of the 
wastegate.  This is actually quite reassuring, since it tells me that a number 
of expensive parts are functioning properly.

But the fact that it's much better in cold weather makes me think that the 
computer doesn't like the input air message it's getting.  Is intercooler 
efficiency THAT important in a 200bhp engine?  How can I test the airflow 
sensor in the intercooler?
(MB engine, UK spec., 2.2/10v/200bhp)

Phil Payne
Sievers Consulting UK
Vice Chair, UK Computer Measurement Group
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