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Re: Power-assist servo for t quattro coupes

In message <199412162227.AA05373@swiss.ans.net> Steve Marinello writes:
> The power-assist servo on my coupe has begun to leak seriously.  That
> wonderful piece, Audi P/N 857612107A, goes for an list of $987.  Does
> anyone know a source, possibly euro, that has it available for
> significantly less.  The word is that it goes for about $300 in Britain.
> SportWheels in Glenwood Springs,CO has a rebuild seal kit that they are
> testing out, but that's all I can find.

The official UK distributor's retail price is GBP263 + 17.5% VAT, which is not 
payable on exports.  The dollar is currently GBP1 = $1.56, so that's $410.28.
It is, surprisingly, more expensive in Germany.  How much packing, shipping and 
taxes (your end) would add is another question.
The Parts Department (his name's Tim) on fax +44 1273 321363 phone +44 1273 
326189 takes Mastercharge and Visa.

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