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Re: It's better when it's cold outside ...

>   Does your ur-Quattro really have the capability for the brain to control
>   the boost level? Most are 100% mechanically controlled.....

There's a small switchover valve that gates either inlet manifold pressure or 
air inlet vacuum into the back of the wastegate.  It's described (in an 
underbonnet sticker) as an "Elektroumschaltventil" - one diagram I found in the 
archives on swiss describes it as a "computer controlled valve".  It has VERY 
carefully colour-coded hoses - marked in red and blue.
The surging I experienced yesterday and today is entirely consistent with this 
valve being cycled by "the computer".

On a related topic, I've been promised a COMPLETE maintenance archive on 
microfiche for GBP35 - GBP50.

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