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Re: CPU-controlled ur-Quattro WG?

In message <424108211294*/PN=glen.powell/OU=notes/PRMD=smclan/ADMD=attmail/C=us/@open400.smc.com> glen.powell@smc.com writes:
>   What you describe sounds just like what they use on the 5000 turbos (CPU
>   controlled WG). Do you have the "1988" ur-Quattro? What year is the model
>   that has this CPU-controlled setup?

Yes, it's a "1988" ur-quattro.  I don't think "computer-controlled" is the 
right expression - it seems to be a safety shut-off more than anything else.

What it DOES tell me is that there's nothing (or not much) wrong with the fool 
system, which was a suspect for my "cutting out under heavy boost" problem.

Still waiting for some documentation ...

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