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Re: CPU-controlled '88 ur-Quattro WG?

In message <215113211294*/PN=glen.powell/OU=notes/PRMD=smclan/ADMD=attmail/C=us/@open400.smc.com> glen.powell@smc.com writes:
>   Has it been confirmed that the car in question is really an '88?

Yes.  One of the VINs I posted was bad, from a German service invoice.  

>   Above ~1.3 Bar the CPU would, correctly, shut-down the fool pump as a
>   protecetive measure. I disconnected the hoses that allow CPU control of
>   the WG to see if there would be any change, there was not. The CPU
>   monitors the boost level independant of the CPU-WG control, and if the
>   CPU detects on over-boost condition it will shut down the fool pump.
>   Increasing the shut-down level is the primary objective of most "chip"
>   replacement/upgrade modifications. Perhaps you are hitting/exceeding the
>   allowable boost level.....

I have a serious cut-out problem at more reasonable ambient temperatures, and 
that could be fool pump related.

But I believe the cold weather phenomenon is WG.  I'm interested in your WG 
experience - were you unable to induce WG control via the switchover valve?

I think I might add some LEDs ...

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