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Euro Lights

Tim, denizen of The Parts Dept. in the UK, has asked me to post:
a) Euro lights to fit US-spec. Audis are in general no problem, but there 
   is ENORMOUS variety in fittings from model to model and even from VIN to
   VIN.  Send as much information as possible - the VIN, the part number
   currently fitted, etc. 

b) It would help if anyone interested contacts Tim directly - he's not on
   the Internet yet, although he's reviewing it in the light of its obvious
   business potential.
Tim's details:
The Parts Dept.
29/30 Castle Street

Phone  +44 1273 326189
Fax    +44 1273 321363

Happy parts hunting.

Phil Payne
Sievers Consulting UK
Vice Chair, UK Computer Measurement Group
Phone    +44 385 302803
Fax/BBS  +44 1536 723021
Fido     2:2503/415
CIS      100012,1660