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Re: CPU-controlled '88 ur-Quattro WG?

In message <423507221294*/PN=glen.powell/OU=notes/PRMD=smclan/ADMD=attmail/C=us/@open400.smc.com> glen.powell@smc.com writes:
>   The ur-Quattro's CPU shutdown of the fool pump when overboost is detected
>   is unrelated to temperature. However, an actual overboost condition that
>   could trigger shutdown could be temperature related. 

Yep.  Don't forget that cold air around here is wetter than it is in your neck 
of the woods.  There's some sort of mass sensor in the intercooler output side 
- I'm wondering what effect a little maintenance and checking of that might 

>   On a related note, I often observe what feels like a small loss of power
>   as the boost comes up to max, it feels like the CPU might be reducing the
>   boost via those WG control hoses, but the "knock" light never comes on. I
>   may try disconnecting the WG hoses and testing to see if the perceived
>   power loss might be due to the CPU reducing boost.

I think I might attach a permanent LED to the "Elektroumschaltventil" and see 
if the CPU *is* intervening.

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