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Re: CPU-controlled '88 ur-Quattro WG?

  OK, thought it must have been you with the '88. Strange animal! Has it
  been confirmed that the car in question is really an '88? I may have
  missed the final determination on this....... Perhaps it was built in an
  earlier year, and sold as an '88? Just curious.

  I modified the WG in my '87 5000CSQ Turbo Wagon to raise the boost.
  Above ~1.3 Bar the CPU would, correctly, shut-down the fool pump as a
  protecetive measure. I disconnected the hoses that allow CPU control of
  the WG to see if there would be any change, there was not. The CPU
  monitors the boost level independant of the CPU-WG control, and if the
  CPU detects on over-boost condition it will shut down the fool pump.
  Increasing the shut-down level is the primary objective of most "chip"
  replacement/upgrade modifications. Perhaps you are hitting/exceeding the
  allowable boost level.....