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Re: Strange sound from rear - Bad shock?

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  I've noticed something similar, with Konis. If the car is bounced after
  sitting for a period of time, the shocks feel relatively loose for the
  first 1-2 bounces, then they stiffen right up. No noises and they have
  behaved this way since new. Perhaps it's just a question of moving the
  hydraulic fluid around a bit and/or getting the seals lubricated/sealed.
  I always try to remember to bounce the car before leaving the line when
  racing, to be sure the struts are as stiff as possible for those first
  few turns.  Anyone observe anything similar?


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As a follow-up to my previous post; the banging and clicking sound from
the rear of my Quattro may be a bad stock. When I bought the car, all four
 shocks had been replaced (KYB's). I didn't think this was a problem
because when I bounce the rear, everything seems nice and stiff.

But.... I noticed if the car has been sitting for a few hours, I can bounce
the right rear and it seems very loose. Then, after about four or five
bounces, it tightens up and feels like the other shocks.

Has anyone had a shock fail in this way? Doesn't seems like it could be
anything else, so I guess I'll replace that one shock and see what happens.

'86 4000CS Quattro

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