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Re: Strange sound from rear - Bad shock?

>As a follow-up to my previous post; the banging and clicking sound from 
>the rear of my Quattro may be a bad stock. When I bought the car, all four
> shocks had been replaced (KYB's). I didn't think this was a problem 
>because when I bounce the rear, everything seems nice and stiff.
Hmm, . . . a recent experience with my 80, I had the front struts/strut bearings
replaced (stock setup since its my daily driver)  . . . everything was great 
a week, so I decided to get an alignment, part of my maintenance for switching
to snows  .  .  . I went to a local Goodyear, since they had one of the newer
Hunter alignment machines, I figured they wouldn't mess it up . . .  they 
tell me
that my struts should be changed since they are original (since I watched 
the old
struts get tossed this was impossible) and a couple of days later I get this 
clicking - banging noise from the right strut, so I go back to my mechanic
to take a look and he finds the nut (top of strut) is loose (has been 
loosened ?).
It felt like a cross between a bad bushing and a bad strut.  Everything felt 
and stiff when I bounced the car also.

just a thought.  

jim h

>Has anyone had a shock fail in this way? Doesn't seems like it could be 
>anything else, so I guess I'll replace that one shock and see what happens.
>'86 4000CS Quattro