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Re: A/C problems

>You didn't mention the year/model of your car. But if you have the Electronic
>Climate Control System, it seems like the A/C Control Head is the culprit.
>This is the part with the buttons and LED temp display. If you have the
>Bentley manual, you can run the diagnostics on the A/C and it should
>display where the fault lies. If you don't have the Bentley, then the
>dealer is the best choice. The Control Head costs around $350 or so at the
>dealer. Can get a used one from Shokan (800-ALL-AUDI) for about $200.
>This part is made by the AC Delco Division of GM and is used in Cadillacs
>and Oldsmobiles too. If you find the right one at a GM dealer, it'll cost
>much less - around $150 for a rebuilt one. Replacement is straight-forward.

It's my understanding after talking to someone who has rebuilt several
that the point of failure is a solenoid, almost always the same one too.
So its worth holding on to the old one and doing some snooping, if the failure
occurs again you can cannabalize to get one good unit.

jim h
>Above info is valid for 86-88 5000 series; possibly applicable to others.
>Zafer Mehmood				   AT&T Bell Laboratories
>zm@mhcnet.att.com			   Murray Hill, NJ